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Common Signs of Dyslexia Checklist

Difficulty rhyming? Check. Poor Spelling? Check. Weak fluency? Check. You’ve been told to ‘wait and see’ or ‘they’ll grow into it’, but your positive more is going on. This checklist will help you clear the uncertainty from your mind and pave the way toward being identified with dyslexia.

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12 Questions to Ask at a Dyslexia IEP Meeting

This free (and very detailed) cheat sheet provides parents with 12 questions (including sample answers) to ask at the next Dyslexia IEP meeting - sashay through those conference room doors with confidence!

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IEP Snapshot

Manage the IEP ChaosIEP's are complex, living documents, full of details. It can be hard to make sense and track it all. This snapshot is the perfect tool to help keep all the important information organized and top of mind.

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