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Ep. 6 Understanding the Different Types of Dyslexia

different types of dyslexia dyslexia evaluation and identification podcast Nov 03, 2022


One of the most common misconceptions about dyslexia is that everyone who is diagnosed with it experiences the same challenges. Because dyslexia is a spectrum disorder, no two dyslexics are exactly the same. On today’s episode, I break down the three main types of dyslexia, what characterizes them, and why it’s so important to understand what type of dyslexia your child has. 


The three types of dyslexia are Phonological, Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN), and Double Deficit. These are the umbrella terms that pinpoint exactly what a dyslexic struggles with. The severity is characterized as mild, medium-to-moderate, or severe. 


Phonological Dyslexia refers to difficulties in matching sounds to symbols and breaking down the sounds of language. RAN Dyslexia is typically linked to reading processing and speed. Double Deficit Dyslexia is a combination of the two and refers to people who struggle with naming speed and identifying the sounds in words.


Listen in to learn more about the signs and symptoms of all three types of dyslexia. 


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Topics Covered:

  • The three original categories of dyslexia 
  • Subcategories that are popping up in some dyslexia discourse 
  • Why Phonological dyslexics typically have a low reading stamina 
  • Why RAN dyslexics often struggle with idioms or sayings 
  • An analogy to help illustrate why no two dyslexics are the same 




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