Ep 26. 6 Steps for Setting Up an Effective Homework Routine

living with dyslexia podcast Sep 01, 2023


Even though I don’t believe in (most) homework assignments, it’s a staple in traditional school systems that isn't going away anytime soon. However, there are strategies to make it less overwhelming for students and parents.  

Expanding on step 6 of my “8 Steps for Starting the School Year on the Right Foot” guide, this episode is all about how to create an effective homework routine for students with learning differences. I share what to keep in mind when setting up a child’s dedicated workspace and creating parameters around their schedule. I also break down the ‘10 Minute Rule’ that most schools use as a guideline when assigning homework, and how to use that framework to adjust your child’s IEP if necessary. 

Helping your child devise a plan of attack and implementing a monitoring system requires a lot of parental involvement, but it’s important to lay the foundation of good homework habits before gradually shifting the responsibility to the student. Above all, your support and encouragement is the key to transforming your child’s homework routine. 

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Topics Covered:

  • Tips for creating a dedicated workspace that suits your child's needs
  • Different ways to organize homework and collaborate on a game plan 
  • Understanding what type of homework assignments are reasonable for your child within the context of their IEP 
  • How to improve focus and engagement during homework time 
  • A simple way to help your child review and finalize their homework


Resources Mentioned:



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