Ep 25. Prepping Your Dyslexic Child for a New School Year: 8 Steps to a Smooth Start

Aug 18, 2023

Many students with dyslexia experience an added layer of anxiety as they anticipate the start of a new school year. Between different routines, coursework, and teachers, it’s common for dyslexic students to feel overwhelmed when the summer starts to wind down. Because of that, I’ve created an eight step plan to set students and parents up for success during the new school year.

In this episode, I explore eight tools that help students build their confidence and self-advocacy skills. I share ways to collaborate on goal-setting and building effective habits that help students address any challenges they may have experienced in previous years. Plus, I highlight my top tip for all parents who are preparing for a new school year – it’s simple, but very effective! 

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Topics Covered:

  • How to start crafting an action plan for a successful school year 
  • Why it’s crucial for students to understand their accommodations and IEP 
  • Examples of assistive technology tools that can help students with their schoolwork 
  • Tips for developing a homework routine
  • Strategies for creating an organized system for school supplies 


Resources Mentioned:



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