Ep. 24 Traveling with a Dyslexic Child

dyslexia living with dyslexia podcast Jul 28, 2023

Traveling with a dyslexic child has its own unique set of challenges. You may have found it difficult to navigate these challenges and find ways to create an easier future travel experience. In this episode, I’m sharing some of the challenges that may arise, like managing public transportation, timetables, time management, and organizational skills. I’m also providing tips to help set your child up for success, both about where they’re traveling to and why they’re traveling to a specific place.  

I explain how dyslexia can create challenges with travel, including misreading signage, hard to read information, and time blindness. There are a lot of steps involved with travel of any kind — which is why lots and lots of planning is key. I provide strategies and tips to help navigate potential problems, including why a backup plan is especially important for when things can (and do) go wrong. Join me as I unpack the sneaky ways dyslexia can impact travel plans, plus tips and solutions to make travel an easier, smoother experience. 

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Topics Covered:

  • ADHD as inspiration for this episode 
  • How public transportation challenges show up in language and signage
  • The ways timetables affect both understanding time and time management  
  • How time relates to the challenges of planning
  • Three planning strategies and specific examples 



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