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Ep 2. Signs of Dyslexia

podcast signs of dyslexia Sep 15, 2022


According to the National Institute of Health, dyslexia can be identified with 92% accuracy by the age of five and a half. In today’s episode, I dive into some of the common signs of dyslexia and what it may look like in your child at different development stages. I talk about the warning signs to look out for in preschool and kindergarten-aged children and how those challenges affect students as they continue on to elementary and middle school. I also touch on the consequences of little-to-no effective interventions. 


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Topics Covered:

  • The spectrum of dyslexia 
  • What you might notice about your dyslexic child at different ages 
  • Why a dyslexic student’s writing is often not a true representation of their understanding of a topic
  • The age where word memorization stops working as a coping mechanism 
  • How dyslexia affects a child’s self-esteem 



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