Ep 19. Dysgraphia - The Forgotten 'Dys'

May 13, 2023

It's estimated that up to 33% of the population has an issue with handwriting. This can often be a case of dysgraphia, which many students with dyslexia also have, and is often overlooked.

Dysgraphia is more than a challenge with fine motor skills when writing. It can also be a deficit in written expression, writing mechanics, and the ability to organize thoughts and write cohesive paragraphs. Depending on the type of dysgraphia, students may have illegible handwriting and poor language skills, yet they have great copy skills, work well from visual cues and tell oral stories in explicit detail. 

There are seven types of dysgraphia – Information Processing Dysgraphia, Visual-Spatial Dysgraphia, Motor Dysgraphia, Memory Dysgraphia, Word Formation Dysgraphia, Sentence Formation Dysgraphia, and Paragraph Formation Dysgraphia.

Join me on this episode where I delve into the 7 types of dysgraphia, explain how they each show up, and the steps to take if you suspect your child has dysgraphia.


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Topics Covered:

  • The seven types of dysgraphia
  • Nine of the most common symptoms of dysgraphia
  • Ways in which dysgraphia is misunderstood and overlooked
  • What three tests can be used to detect dysgraphia and the areas these tests should cover
  • What to do if you suspect your child has dysgraphia


Resources Mentioned:



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