Ep 15. Print-to-Speech or Speech-to-Print

orton-gillingham podcast print-to-speech reading instruction reading instruction approaches speech-to-print structured literacy Mar 08, 2023

There is a debate in the Structured Literacy world about whether Print-to-speech or Speech-to-print is the more effective approach. Both approaches rely on phonics - matching sounds to their corresponding letter/letter patterns. They differ in that Print-to-speech starts with a letter/letter pattern and matches it to an oral sound. Speech-to-print uses the student's prior oral language skills and works to match the speech sounds to the letter/letter patterns. 


Which is the better overall approach? In this episode, I discuss the differences and similarities in more detail and highlight why both approaches are needed when learning to read and write.


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Topics Covered:

  • The differences and similarities in Print-to-speech and Speech-to-print
  • Good readers need to have bi-directional phonics skills for reading and spelling
  • The differences between boxed literacy programs and individualized instruction


Resources Mentioned:




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