Ep. 12 Should I Tell My Child They Have Dyslexia and How?

adhd dyslexia living with dyslexia podcast Jan 25, 2023

Once you receive your child’s dyslexia diagnosis, you might feel lost about how to share the news with them. In my experience, one of the most supportive things that you can do is have a discussion about it and give an overview of what it means for them. You have an opportunity to reduce the shame and stigma that so many people with different learning abilities feel. 

It’s also highly likely that your child will feel relieved to know that there are reasons why they struggle with certain tasks or subjects in school. I encourage you to be honest about the hard work that they’ll have to put in during therapy sessions, and I share some ways to set up informative, loving conversations around this. I also highlight some well-meaning words of encouragement or advice that can easily be misinterpreted by a child and what you can say instead to reassure them that dyslexia doesn’t limit their future. 


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Topics Covered:

  • Why I wholeheartedly believe that you should tell your child if they have dyslexia 
  • Common reactions when people they find out they have dyslexia 
  • My experience being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult 
  • The best way to tell your child that they have dyslexia 
  • What information to include in your discussion about dyslexia


Resources Mentioned:



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