Ep. 11 Dyslexia, ADHD or Both?

adhd dyslexia living with dyslexia podcast signs of dyslexia Jan 16, 2023

Dyslexia and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have a lot of overlap. It can be difficult to tell if your child is struggling because of dyslexia or ADHD. In this episode, I highlight the signs and symptoms of ADHD and look at the common threads and differences between the two disorders. 


It's estimated that 30% of students with dyslexia also have ADHD, but there’s no evidence that one causes the other. I’ve seen first-hand how direct instruction and support of executive function skills is extremely valuable for students experiencing dyslexia, ADHD, or both. Listen in to learn some strategies and coping mechanisms that are beneficial across the board. 


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Topics Covered:

  • Common behavioral and cognitive characteristics of ADHD 
  • What to do if your child demonstrates signs of ADHD 
  • Symptoms that people with dyslexia and ADHD tend to have in common 
  • How to tell the difference between dyslexia and ADHD
  • What to expect from educational services that target ADHD and dyslexia  


Resources Mentioned:



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