Ep. 10 12 Questions to Ask at a Dyslexia IEP Meeting

dyslexia dyslexia service providers evaluation and identification iep orton-gillingham podcast reading instruction Jan 02, 2023

Traditionally, the majority of the annual IEP meetings take place between mid-January through mid-March. In this episode, I share 12 questions that you want to make sure you cover during these meetings and give examples of what good answers should include. 


I explain what a multi-sensory, structured literacy approach is and why you want to ensure that your service provider is well-versed in that strategy. I highlight who should be providing reading services to your child and training credentials you want to look out for. I also describe when and where services should be delivered. 


Circling back to episode 9, you also want to talk with your child’s specialist about how progress and mastery is going to be measured. Listen in and check out the downloadable PDF to prepare for upcoming IEP meetings. 


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Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the reasoning behind your service provider’s approach 
  • The typical frequency and duration of sessions 
  • How long an intervention should be implemented 
  • Examples of additional accommodations or support you might want your child to receive 
  • How to ensure that your service provider is adequately trained in dyslexia and the appropriate instructional approaches


Resources Mentioned:




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