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12 Questions to Ask at a Dyslexia IEP Meeting

Who? What? Where? Why?

This free (and very detailed) cheat sheet provides parents with 12 questions (including sample answers) to ask at the next Dyslexia IEP meeting - sashay through those conference room doors with confidence! 

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IEP Snapshot

Do you wish you had a quick, at a glance, overview of your child's IEP?

My free "IEP Snapshot" is a valuable tool for helping you think through and review your child needs before walking into an IEP meeting.

Or, consider sending a completed snapshot into school as a quick, at a glance, reminder of your child's IEP for their classroom teacher.

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Dyslexia Fact Sheet

Do you suspect your child has dyslexia?

Use my free "Dyslexia Fact Sheet" to help you put the pieces together.

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Dyslexia Evaluation Checklist

Looking to have your child evaluated for dyslexia?

Get my free "Dyslexia Evaluation Checklist" and gain the confidence you need to know you are moving in the right direction! 

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