Discovering Dyslexia

A 5-day Exploration



Are you ready to consider it could be dyslexia?


Is your child struggling with learning to read?

Have you been told, "Wait and see"? or "Just give them time, they'll catch up."

And that seems like horrible advice to you. You really think your child might be dyslexic and you're not sure how to go about confirming your suspicions.

Each day in our 5-day exploration we'll look at a key reading or writing skill. During the daily trainings, we'll provide activities you can do with your child to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Your daily strengths and weakness list will help you determine if need to take a closer look at dyslexia.

Discovering Dyslexia includes:


Each day we'll look at a key reading or writing skill and provide you with action steps to help you determine your child's strengths and weaknesses.
(Trainings will be available with limited-time replays)


A workbook designed to help you each step of the way. It's filled with action steps, daily recaps, and a "Signs of Dyslexia" checklist.


Daily live Q&A's in our private community. Did you get stuck or need clarification on something? We'll be live each afternoon to answer your questions.

Hi, I'm Jennie and my mission is to help families navigate this journey called dyslexia.

Dyslexia and ADHD run wild through my family, with multiple diagnoses of both in my immediate and extended family. This, combined with my experience teaching English and reading at the middle school and high school levels, lit a passion in me for working with beginning and struggling readers. In my view, the ability to read is an essential life skill that no one should be denied.


When You Sign Up For Discovering Dyslexia You Get:


🎯 Day 1 - Training on Phonological Awareness

🎯 Day 2 - Training on Letters and Sounds (phonics)

🎯 Day 3 - Training on Reading (decoding and fluency)

🎯 Day 4 - Training on Spelling (encoding)

🎯 Day 5 - Training on Writing (difficulties or patterns)

🎯 Exclusive Access to the DISCOVERING DYSLEXIA Pop Up Facebook Community

🎯 Limited-Time Replay Page

🎯 Step-by-Step Training Workbook

If You're

A parent who has been told "wait and see" but you're tired of waiting.


A mom who was told "Give them time, they'll catch up" but your child is falling further and further behind and more time isn't helping.


A caretaker that wants what's best for your child but aren't sure where to start.


 At a place where you need more information but you aren't sure what kind

You'll Walk Away From
Discovering Dyslexia


An Understanding of Where and How Your Child is Struggling
A Specific List of Your Child's Strengths and Weakness
A Starting Point for Advocating for Your Child
A Feeling of Being Supported and Heard

Here's How It Works

Enroll in Discovering Dyslexia

Join the Private Community

Attend the Step-by-Step Trainings

Complete the Daily Action Steps


But I don't know anything about learning how to read...

 Here's a little secret.

Most people don't. I'm pretty sure not a single person started their parenting life thinking, "I have to learn everything there is to know about reading." 

But those "I'm overwhelmed and clueless" thoughts is your brain overthinking everything.

So how do you move past that?

In Discovering Dyslexia, I'm going to walk you through each reading skill every step of the way.

And I can't think of a better (or more low-risk) way to get the information you need and started on this journey.

In one week, you'll have the data and confidence you need to start getting your child the help they deserve.

But I understand. You may be working waaay outside your comfort zone. 

I will meet you inside every day to guide you... hold your hand... and provide you with some answers.


Big Love!
- Jennie

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