Common Signs of Dyslexia Checklist


Do Any of These Sound Familiar?


Difficulty Reading, Difficulty Spelling, Weak Fluency, Confusing Left
from Right, Trouble Writing…  

If So, It Might Be Dyslexia

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When you download this checklist, you'll gain access to every common sign of dyslexia. 


So you can finally put an end to:

  • The Guessing
  • The "Wait and see" 
  • The "They'll probably grow out of it" or "it's just a phase."

And begin to:

  • Understand the struggles of dyslexia better
  • Confirm your suspicions 
  • Begin dyslexia identification and earlier intervention
  • Have some peace of mind and sleep (finally)!

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Read What Other Parents Have to Say:

"Jennie is someone you can always count on. She goes above and beyond to help your child and you will always feel like you have a partner by your side every step of the way during this otherwise very stressful journey."


"Jennie's understanding of dyslexia and test analysis helped me gain services with the school district my daughter desperately needed. No guess work. Just letting the data speak for itself."


"I don't know what the boys and I would have done without you these last three years!"


Hi, I'm Jennie and my mission is to help families navigate this journey called dyslexia.

Dyslexia and ADHD run wild through my family, with multiple diagnoses of both in my immediate and extended family. This, combined with my experience teaching English and reading at the middle school and high school levels, lit a passion in me for working with beginning and struggling readers. In my view, the ability to read is an essential life skill that no one should be denied.

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Common Signs of Dyslexia


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